At the organization level (Highly Performing Sports Organizations)

TechEdgeSports includes detailed management of membership, events and related activities. This helps to better manage organizational logistics including membership enrollment and retention, event planning, execution, registration and qualification, participation, evaluation and competition performance data management, travel and housing, financial management and more. The collection and management of these data sets in a single consolidated system, following Lean Management principals, allows for meaningful cross correlation and analysis to help create organizational efficiency and support management decisions for the performance and direction of the organization. 

For the Athlete (Highly Performing Athletes)

We help your entire support team communicate better. They will have everything they need to help you improve your skills and performance. We arm your team with the knowledge they need to make fact based decisions and recommendations.

High Performance Directors (High Performance Programs)

The Athlete Performance components of TechEdgeSports include all of the various data sets related directly to the athlete and which may have an impact on the athlete’s performance capabilities. These include tracking of support staff and coaches, individual athlete targeted budgets, training and competition schedules, practice routines, strength, stamina, skills training and assessments, medical and biophysical data collection and tracking, nutrition and psychological profiles as well as competition results statistics.

For the Coach and Trainers (Highly Performing Coaches and Trainers)

No one can replace your professional judgment and experience. Your insights are invaluable! TechEdgeSports provides you with insights into your athlete like never before. We back up your expertise with science giving you the competitive edge. 

For Sports Scientists (High Performance Sports Science)

TechEdgeSports provides assessment tools used by leading edge sports science institutes to collect, organize, and analyze detailed biological and physiological data into one integrated system. Advanced analytics capabilities mean quick and accurate reports and no more pouring over folders and folders of paper.

For Sports Medicine (High Performance Sports Medicine)

The latest in medical technologies are integrated into the TechEdgeSports system. Fully integrated electronic medical records capabilities link all athlete data sets into one complete view of the whole person. Physical exams, lab results, imaging, are all linked with sports science information, psychological assessments, nutrition and body chemistry data. Daily Athlete View alerts the care team to any variance in the athletes sleep, mood, stress, nutrition, or pain levels allowing you to intervene and avoid injuries or other issues. The support team for the athlete has never been stronger.