A chance meeting between the CEO of a technology company and the Director of Athlete High Performance for an Olympic governing body led to an intense conversation.

How do we get the coaches, strength and conditioning professionals, doctors, sports scientists, nutritionists, and all of the other people involved in supporting the athlete to communicate as an integrated team for the benefit of the Athlete?

How do we best deal with all of the independent data sets collected across a sports organization and tie them all together into one meaningful system?

How do we best organize and analyze the data sets collected to extract the most meaningful information for the benefit of the athlete?

What data should we be collecting?

How do we optimize our chances to win championships and Olympic Gold Medals! 

How does one bring Lean Management efficiencies to sports organizations?

Out of this conversation TechEdgeSports was born. 

Our mission: To support Athletes in winning Championships and Gold Medals by creating the most efficient support system possible.

By assembling a team of seasoned sports professionals, leading technology experts and lean management professionals TechEdgeSports has created a powerful integrated system for managing sports organizations. TechEdgeSports is a proven system for delivering efficiency, cost savings, and total integrated support resulting in total focus on the athlete as a whole person and significant gains in athlete performance capabilities.